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selected references.


interior design: Privacy Screen, Mitchell Jensen Architects, North Bay Parry Sound District Health Care Center, 2018 more

graphics & slide design: IdeasLab, Shao-Horn (MIT), World Economic Forum, 2017 more

graphics & slide design: Inauguration "Villum Center for the Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals", 2016 more

logo & flyer design: DARK - benefit event for 'Clowns ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.', 2018 more

website design: Electrochemical Energy Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology more

cover art: Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 35, 2010 more

brochure design: Akademie der Vielfalt, Mannheim, 2017 more

logo design: LAMA - laboratory for materials science more

cover art: Bunsenmagazin 1/2007 more

graphics: ChiuZ, 2008, 42, 80-90 more

logo & conference design: Electrochemistry: Crossing Boundaries Conference, GDCh, 2008-2016 more

logo design: Lebens-Theater, 2016 more

photography: MIT spotlight, October 10, 2012 more

photography: Poladarium 2016, February 28 more

cover art: Chemie in unserer Zeit 2/2008 more

postcard design: DARK event, 2018 & 2019 more

nano art: Faszination Nanokosmos, chemie&more, 1.10.6-10 more

graphics: MIT news, June 13, 2011 more

graphics: MIT news, June 24, 2010 more

slide design: Infinite Innovation Symposium, MIT, 2013

nano art: NANO. the magazine for small science 15, 2009, 43 more

selected projects: Behance more