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Each job is different; every customer has different requirements and special requests. Creativity and enthusiasm for realizing ideas are as crucial as professionalism and reliability. Let's talk about your expectations and framework conditions. Knowing your individual needs I can prepare a customized offer and provide a tailor-made solution. Contact contact


Logos & Corporate Design.

A strong brand requires a convincing logo—clear, memorable, and distinctive. The logo is the key element of your visual communication. A consistent overall concept is essential for all means of communication—from the letterhead and business cards to digital media—and strengthens the recognition value of your brand. Various factors play a role for creating an appropriate visual appearance, e.g., novelty and esthetics, the brand's image and values, the target audience and competitors, or the budget frame.

go to logos Logo design

Creation, redesign, extension of corporate designs

go to font design Font design

Business cards, letterheads, posters, flyers, advertising materials, product labels, etc.


Science & Research.

Science marketing is becoming increasingly important. Excellent results deserve an outstanding presentation. A clear, coherent, and convincing visual communication, customized to the audience' background knowledge, is highly valuable and a decisive factor—not only for knowledge transfer but also for enhancing your visibility and to stand out impressively in times of rapidly increasing number of publications. Reducing complex relationships to their essentials—without distorting them by simplifying—and creating a catchy picture requires two skills: understanding of scientific contents and a good intuition for graphic and design aspects. I have gained extensive experience and know-how—both in academic and industrial sector.

go to scientific schematics Workshops on visual communication in science

Creation of unique and consistent designs for research groups, institutes, and conferences

go to conference design Design of presentation slides

go to coverart Scientific images, logos, coverart, table of content graphics, etc.


Individual Presents & Card Designs.

Are you looking for an exceptional and individual present? How about a blueprint of your photo? Each picture is unique as blueprinting is a manual process. Did you ever think about a second life for your worn-out favorite cloths? Or how about a name composed of photographed letters? Surprise your guests with an individually designed invitation—for instance for a wedding or your next birthday.

go to blueprint Your picture as blueprint (cyanotype)

go to abc Your name or lettering composed of photographed letters

go to jeans Creative items based on worn-out cloths

go to invitiations Invitations, birthday and thank-you-cards


Illustrations & Graphics.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

go to illustration Illustrations and (info)graphics for articles, reports, books

go to childern's book illustrations Illustrations for childen's books, character design

go to magazine covers Design of magazine and book covers


Art Photography & Wall Pictures.

Whether as intention grabber or discreet decoration, whether in the office, in salesrooms, restaurants, hotels, or at home—wall pictures do impact the viewer. Even though this influence might be unconscious, it should not be underestimated. There is a nice alternative to standard motives and mass printings.

go to photography Wall pictures and posters

go to photography Wall calendars with motives of choice, etc.